How to find your size?

MUSA's intimate wear is all handmade. This means our fit will probably be different from the industrial fits you're used to. It's very important to measure yourself to find the right size. Ask someone to help you with your measurements if you find it hard doing it by yourself or contact us!

At MUSA we work with the 'made to order' principle this means every item is made just for you! You enter your size in the designated box during check out! Thank you!


The MAIN top embodies the quintessential MUSA touch with its timeless design and the unique qualities of banana-textile. Crafted by hand, this item showcases the fabric's robustness, delivering both durability and relaxed comfort in its fit. The imperfections and distinct finishes contribute to the individuality of each piece, ensuring no two are exactly alike. It's designed to accentuate your neckline and shoulders. So you can feel strong & powerful.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the MAIN Top aims to convey a commitment to a more sustainable future. This basic yet elegant top pairs seamlessly with the matching boxer and thong, creating a set that goes beyond fashion, making a statement about values and responsibility. The MAIN Top is suitable for all sizes and runs true to size.



MICA is a versatile top that allows wearers to customize their look based on personal preferences. Handcrafted with care, MICA features adjustable elements, enabling it to be worn as a halter, one-shoulder, strapless, or bandeau style. Vertical tunnels accentuate the body shape and provide breast support. This adaptable top caters to individual preferences, whether for showcasing the tummy on a warm day or opting for more coverage. Imperfections and unique finishes add character, making each piece a distinctive and personalized accessory. Crafted with banana fabric in the crotch area and Seacell fabric, MICA celebrates individual expression and style.

This top is suitable for all sizes.



The MIRROR is more than an essential high waist thong; it's a must-have wardrobe staple. Handmade with care, this item features double-sided seaweed knitting in interlock quality. With a gusset made of banana fabric, it provides reinforcement, breathability, and is antibacterial. Perfect for your intimate zones. Wider side panels enhance comfort, ensuring a practical and snug fit without visible lines. Designed to accentuate the buttocks, the MIRROR complements the body with thoughtful construction. Imperfections and unique finishes contribute to the charm of each piece, making it one-of-a-kind. Ready to conquer any day, this thong offers both style and comfort, proving that sustainability can be fashionable and functional.

This item runs true to size; refer to your waist measurement for the right fit.



MINE is not just a boxer; it's a joyful expression of creativity. Handcrafted with care and designed for all genders, MINE stands out with its unique feature – the wiggle in the front panel, making it distinctly MUSA. The sturdy waistband ensures a secure fit, and the absence of visible seams provides extra coverage, suitable for wearing under dresses, skirts, loose trousers, or tighter pants. This playful and fun item is part of a loungeset, perfectly paired with the tank top. Imperfections and different finishes contribute to its charm, embracing the beauty of handmade uniqueness.

This boxershort runs true to size; refer to your hip measurement for the best fit.


MUSA MOAN Brazilian

MOAN is more than a Brazilian; it's intimate wear designed to empower and celebrate sensuality. Handmade with attention to detail, this sexy item complements the body with adjustable straps, providing confidence and comfort. The Seacell fabric offers a soft feel, ensuring utmost comfort, while the banana fabric gusset enhances breathability and moisture absorption. Paired with the multitop, MOAN offers customization for the perfect sexy fit, creating a playful and alluring set. Imperfections and unique finishes contribute to the allure of each piece, making it an intimate and personal expression of style.

For the best size, consider your waist measurements; this item may run a bit small.