About Us

MUSA Intimates is an eco-conscious intimate wear brand dedicated to fostering a world where embracing one's true self is celebrated as the ultimate definition of beauty.

Originating from the creative incubator of the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, MUSA Intimates emerged as a response to the absence of fun sustainable options within the undergarments industry for individuals passionate about fashion, feminism, sex, and sustainability. Driven by their desire for confidence and the ability to feel comfortable in your underwear, the founders of MUSA Intimates sought to create a brand that prioritized sustainability. United by this purpose, these young female entrepreneurs came together with a shared goal; to make a difference and have fun doing it!

Crafted from food industry waste such as banana fibres, their intimate wear offers comfort and breathability, catering perfectly to your body's needs. By utilizing leftover materials and sourcing vegetal based alternatives, MUSA Intimates actively contributes to a more sustainable world whilst empowering the wearers to feel confident.

What is MUSA intimates?

MUSA Intimates is a sustainable fashion start-up based in Utrecht that specializes in developing sustainable/circular intimate wear. We're specialized in using natural fibers from different waste streams, in particular banana. The mission of MUSA intimates is the sustainable development of intimate wear made of natural fibers, in order to make our customers feel comfortable from the inside out and to reduce the footprint of the fashion industry.

MUSA does this by looking at circular options in the fashion materials that are already being produced, but considered waste. For example, extracting fibers from residual material of the banana plant (the banana stem) which is grown for consumption. By using waste material for processing into fabric, there is no need to grow other plants such as cotton - with the associated water consumption - and the residual material does not have to be dumped or burned after harvest, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Banana textile has unique properties: it is a very strong material which gives the underwear a long lifespan, it is absorbent, soft and lightweight. In addition, MUSA works according to the design-for-recycling method: for example, in addition to banana textiles, largely recycled textiles are incorporated into the underwear (100% recycled yarn and embroidery). In addition to the sustainable aspect, MUSA focuses on fair production and promoting inclusivity within the lingerie sector. By paying for the residual material, the working conditions of workers on the banana plantations can be improved.

MUSA also stands for an inclusive representative image in the media, which is why models with different sizes and external characteristics are used.

Why MUSA intimates?

The Problem

MUSA intimates addresses two major social problems, namely the waste stream from banana production and the raw material problem of the clothing industry. These are two very large issues, for which MUSA wants to develop a relevant but obviously not a complete solution.

The Solution

Intimate wear that's created from waste streams, with a specialization in banana textile. This contributes to a sustainable change in the fashion industry, but also an ethical one. Sustainability is not only apparent in the materials that you use, but also in how you treat your workers. Using waste streams so we can work towards a circular product that doesn't contribute to the amounts of pollution created by the fashion and the food industry.