About us

MUSA Intimates is a sustainable fashion start-up based in Utrecht that specializes in developing sustainable/circular intimate wear. We're specialized in using natural fibers from different waste streams, in particular banana.

The mission of MUSA intimates is the sustainable development of intimate wear made of natural fibers, in order to make our customers feel comfortable from the inside out and to reduce the footprint of the fashion industry.

Loes - 'The traditional linear economy commonly found in fashion is something I want to change with MUSA. Redesigning the current fashion industry and creating awareness is what drives me.'

Maite - 'To create a sustainable alternative for a product is to totally renew a whole way of thinking about how to convert your customer's needs into a marketable product.'

Joana - 'It's long overdue that the fashion industry works towards a more circular future, but above all I want MUSA to be a place where we can break the silence on taboos and have a safe space to express ourselves.'

How do we do it?

Welcome to MUSA, where sustainability meets empowerment in the intimate wear industry. Founded by women, for everyone, we are committed to making thoughtful decisions that prioritize both the planet and the people who wear our creations. While we may not be 100% sustainable yet, we are dedicated to making the most sustainable choices, recognizing that sometimes sustainability is synonymous with durability.

At MUSA, we strive to redefine the intimate wear experience by fostering inclusivity and empowerment. Our mission goes beyond just creating undergarments; it's about creating a mindset – one that makes you feel ready to conquer the day. Our mantra, "My Comfort, My Sexy, Our Future" encapsulates our commitment to individual empowerment and a collective sustainable future.

In our design choices, we prioritize inclusivity, offering fits for everyone. Our MINE Boxer, for instance, represents our dedication to gender-neutral options, a testament to our belief that everyone deserves comfortable and empowering underwear. However, we want to make it clear – inclusivity and feminism are not just tools for us; they are the core values that define who we are. We aim to authentically represent what we stand for and spread our message through meaningful actions.

MUSA actively engages in fostering positive change by organizing intimate talks and events. These gatherings serve as platforms for discussions on sustainability, empowerment, and inclusivity allowing us to connect with our community on a deeper level.

When it comes to our materials, we look towards circular options that repurpose waste from existing fashion materials. For example, we extract fibers from the residual material of the banana plant – the banana stem – which is usually considered waste in traditional agricultural practices. By utilizing this waste material, we eliminate the need to grow additional plants like cotton, reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact. Banana textile, with its unique properties of strength, absorbency, softness, and lightweight feel, forms the foundation of our underwear, providing a long-lasting and sustainable alternative.

Beyond sustainability, MUSA is committed to fair production practices. By purchasing residual materials, we hope to contribute to improving the working conditions of those on banana plantations, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability extends throughout the entire supply chain.

Join us in redefining intimate wear – where sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment converge. This is MUSA – making a difference, one piece intimate wear at a time.

Thank you!

Over the years there have been lots of different people that made MUSA intimates possible. To these incredible people, we just want to say THANK YOU! We couldn't have made it this far without you!

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