Interview with GINGE

Interview with GINGE

Introducing Ginge, the talented singer-songwriter. We are thrilled to collaborate with her. It's incredible to see her making waves with her new song "PooOoFf." We couldn't resist asking her some questions about her journey as an artist:

How did you start as a singer?

“When I moved from Leeuwarden to Utrecht, a whole new world opened up. I always sang, but in the projects I did with @wijzijndox, there was suddenly much more focus on music. I started making more videos with friends and felt challenged to start writing myself (which I thought I could never do). I began working with a producer who eventually moved to a studio complex where my band is now also located. That's how I met the people I still love making music with the most.”

Where do I get my inspiration from?

“I love adventure and discovering and trying new things. The feeling I get from that (a bit like butterflies in your stomach) always makes me want to turn it into music. Even the more challenging emotions are nice to write about. It helps me dissect my thoughts and figure out what I really feel about certain situations.”


Which people inspire you?

“People who inspire me include Erykah Badu, Remi Wolf, Sasha Keable, Amy Winehouse, and many, many more.”


What do you want to say trough your music?

“There is so much freedom in experiencing joy. It is so liberating to let go of how the world sees you and ‘just be you.’ I hope my music can be a sanctuary for that. And that's why MUSA clothing fits so well: clothing that you can interpret in your own way. You make the choice of how to wear it and what suits you. That’s the joy of it!” 


Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations!

Photos by Marc Edelenbos

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